1. Grant in aid to VCO's/NGO's :-
    1. Forwarding of Proposals to DM/DC/State Government.
    2. Approval of Proposals.
    3. Rejection of Proposals.
  2. Policy Matters on CWF.
  3. Parliament Question & Related matters.
  4. Reports & Retunes.
  5. VIP References.
  6. Miscellaneous/non-policy matters.

Consumer Welfare Fund II

  1. General Consumer Awareness Programme.
  2. Setting up of DCIC.
  3. Jagriti Shivir Yojana
  4. Consumer Clubs.
  5. Promotion of Institution Research Work/Seminar etc.

    Under these schemes the following work are dealt in CWF II section:-

    1. Receipt of the proposal from the NGOs/VCOs.
    2. Initial Scrutiny of the proposals
    3. Issue of the letter to the District Magistrate/District Collector/State
    4. Issue of the letters to the State Government for report on DM/DC's report.
    5. Examination of the project proposals of the NGOs/VCOs and submission there of for the approval of Secretary (CA) being the Chairman of the Standing Committee on CWF.
    6. Preparation of sanction letter and obtaining the concurrence of IF Division.
    7. Issue of sanction letter to the NGOs/VCOs after grants in aid are sanctioned.
    8. Receipt of financial documents & their examination for preparation of DD/Cheque in favour of the NGOs/VCOs
    9. Issue DD/Cheques to the NGOs/VCOs.
    10. Examination of Half yearly progress report of NGOs/VCOs
    11. Preparation examination of settlement of grant etc.
    12. Reference from V.I.Ps like Ministers/MPs/MLAs etc
    13. Examination of VIP reference & preparation of draft/final reply
    14. O&M Reports & Returns
    15. Parliament Question & their draft replies.
    16. P & C reports & Returns
    17. MIS Information for Monthly Meeting
    18. Hindi Report to Raj Bhasha Anubhag
    19. All other reports & Returns to other Department/Ministries